Our Expertise

CEO Advisory & Mentoring

The core of our business is helping CEOs (and their direct reports) identify, commit to, communicate, and achieve their company’s most critical business priorities. Once pinpointed, we guide a deep dive for practical solutions while offering strategic and tactical options based on our multi-industry experiences, knowledge and successes. We drive executive team action commitments, help manage milestone achievement, and assure accountability through completion.

Leadership & Successor Development

We help executives identify and transform to optimal leadership behaviors, priorities, and practices. Additionally, C-Suite Advisors assist CEOs and CHROs with succession planning for the present and future, by skillfully preparing high-performing prospective executives, and those newly promoted, into roles for which they may not yet be fully prepared or experienced. Finally, when needed, a C-Suite Advisor may step into a temporary leadership role to complement your executive team and fill an important gap.

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Business Strategy

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Ongoing validation and refinement of strategic imperatives for new market realities is crucial in this fluid business environment. Great strategy accurately stakes out opportunity, envisions an efficient path, and capitalizes with a more differentiated and valued offering. Having an accurate understanding of where the market is and where it’s heading is part art, part science. An outside assessment of the strengths and weaknesses inherent to your business as well as the opportunities and threats that loom large is a highly valued service many clients seek. It serves as a springboard to clarity and viable transformative planning.


Sometimes great technology and amazing technical teams face challenges. Teams grow and shrink, markets evolve and innovation disrupts industries. C-Suite Advisors understand when to analyze and when to act so that products, teams and companies maintain their competitive edge in the ever-changing technology landscape.

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Executive Persuasion & Presence

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Today’s most admired and successful leaders are not simply authoritative. They are approachable, authentic and inspiring. Our experts teach senior executives to leverage psychology, emotional intelligence, and techniques of the world’s greatest communicators to instill confidence and create impact every time they speak.

Human Capital Optimization
& Leadership Effectiveness

Today’s CEOs report 80% of their company’s challenges are people related.  That means your most important resource is taking a tremendous amount of your time.  Getting the right people in the right seats for the needs of your business today is a vital need for continued scale. By leveraging over 45 million data points through a Culture Index, our experts guide your hiring, promotion and reorganization decisions for optimal success. We employ a personalized survey, assess, align and train-the-trainer approach to human capital management for top tier talent.  The results include fewer personnel challenges for top leadership, higher productivity, improved retention and accelerated business gains. 

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Sales & Business Development


A company’s capacity to predictably grow market share, average order, generate recurring revenue, and successfully penetrate new markets is vital to survive and scale. A C-Suite assessment of your sales and business development acumen, with recommendations on refinements to accelerate growth, is one of our most requested services.


From positioning and branding to go-to-market planning and execution, C-Suite Advisors has deep, multi-industry experience in research, product development, promotion, communications, lead generation, and marketing leadership. We’re often asked to assess these key functions and present recommendations to accelerate market share, sales and profitability.




Technology plays a critical role in any business. Scaling companies and mature, profitable businesses may be frozen out of efficiencies gained from customer portals, internal operations software and important integrations. Our advisors can assist your company with analysis and guidance to implement an evolution that meets your needs. 

Incentive & Recognition Practice

The evolving landscape of hiring demands a proactive response from companies looking to thrive in the competitive job market. In this context, a dynamic incentive and recognition program emerges as a vital component of your comprehensive benefits package. As recruitment, retention, and engagement assume greater significance, the role of incentive programs becomes increasingly pivotal. C-Suite Advisors specializes in guiding you towards crafting the ideal program aligned with your company’s objectives. A wealth of research underscores the transformative influence of such programs, extending their positive effects from culture enhancement and sales growth to fostering employee well-being, all of which contribute to elevated company performance.

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Optimizing Operational Performance

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Operational effectiveness plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall success of any business. Our senior advisors are uniquely positioned to guide c-suite executives toward transformative improvements, empowering them to boost profitability, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive competitive advantage. A finely tuned business may set itself apart through superior product quality, consistent delivery, and exceptional customer experience. Optimal operational performance reduces costs and improves profit margins.

Financial Affairs

Numbers are the language of business, and fluency is vital to analytics, knowledge, planning, credibility, and growth. At scale, access to capital is often the needed jet fuel. Without first-rate financial leadership and talent, these vital building blocks suffer and companies, at best, underperform. C-Suite Advisors assess and guide the development of your capital structure and finance function to meet the current and future needs of management, the business, and stakeholders.


Governance & Board Optimization

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For privately held, independent companies, governance is frequently a stepchild to founders and CEOs. This is short-sighted, as a carefully selected, well-organized board is one of the most powerful sounding boards and allies a CEO can have. Determining board size, committees, roles and responsibilities, recruiting optimal directors, compensation, company-wide goals, and KPIs are multipliers to business performance. C-Suite Advisors have served on dozens of boards and chaired just about every conceivable committee. We are well prepared to counsel you on building this valuable resource.

Crisis Management

In a crisis, building a rational plan and convincing creditors, supply chain, and stakeholders to support your business, while executing exactly what you commit to, is quite simply – very hard. Consider leveraging the experience and credibility of C-Suite Advisors to successfully manage the many initiatives and constituents which will enable your business to stabilize and return to prosperity.

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Value Accretion & Exit Strategy

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Ultimately, value is the name of the game for those who wish to cash-out some day. It’s therefore surprising how often we see time and resources applied to initiatives which don’t materially increase a company’s value. Thinking through your exit strategy and preparing for maximum value is a multi-year exercise. Having an unbiased, trusted advisor as you consider your options, may significantly increase your ultimate payday.

Optimizing Executive Communications Thru Transformation

A calm, clear, consistent voice from the c-suite can unite an entire organization behind its financial, operational, and cultural objectives. Our professionals help senior executives craft a concise and compelling approach that communicates thoughtfully, instills confidence, enables shared vision, and re-energizes effort. 

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M&A Initiatives


Organic growth is the bedrock of business stability, but smart, culturally aligned, accretive acquisitions can be transformative. Having advised and completed dozens of sell-side and buy-side transactions, C-Suite Advisors is an invaluable counselor when you decide to enter the M&A arena.

What Our Clients Say

“Jim’s guided self-discovery had me discovering “root causes” to problems whose symptoms had blinded me. The beauty of self-discovery is that you provide the answers to your situation, so you own them.” 


“C-Suite Advisors has helped me transition from an operational leader to a knowledge leader mindset.”



​​“The company was blessed to have your experience and guiding leadership ‘pre’ and ‘post’ company sale.”



“Thank you, C-Suite Advisors, for a job well done. You collectively brought it home in the right way and served our company, the bank, and our constituents well.”



“As the only truly independent director, coupled with your extensive experience, you brought a unique perspective to the many questions that we faced over the past several years. Your ‘operational advice’ was as valuable as your ‘deal experience,’ and both were important contributors to our success. We value your business acumen and experience and know that our relationship will continue for an extended period of time.”



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