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What Our Clients Say

“I personally have been SO energized by the work you did for us, it has completely reframed my way of thinking. I think your assessment really addresses what we are doing and delivers the big idea to investors along with the metrics they care about.”


NY, Co-Founder & CEO, Agriculture innovator

“Jim is supremely competent, extremely bright, and is blessed with outstanding people management skills. He empowers CEOs and c-suite executives to make decisions that build lasting relationships with their clients and end-users that accelerate business growth. Even in stressful situations Jim’s consistently positive leadership style, understanding of client business, clarity of vision and high energy makes working with him a genuine pleasure.”


“Jim is a strategic and seasoned professional, and a caring insightful coach. He developed and reinforced the vision for our company and helped us grow new products that have been integral to our success. He quickly understands complex situations and guides us to find solutions. He lets his clients arrive at the best path forward, masterfully guiding them along the way. He is a warm and gracious advisor whose exuberance and sense of humor make him an absolute delight.”


“I most admire C-Suite Advisors for its collective business knowledge, operating expertise, and integrity. All of my experiences with Jim as a trusted advisor have been engaging and successful.”


RH, CEO, Medical Technology Distributor

“Every hour spent with C-Suite Advisors, inspired hours of deeper, directed thought. YOU are my role model. You’ve shown the way. Now it’s up to me to follow the path.”


BV, CEO, Technology Disrupter

“Thank you for having so much faith in us and our business. Your guidance and leadership have been and are inspirational, and I appreciate all you are doing for us.”


LK, CHRO, National HR Consultancy

“This is not these guys’ first rodeo. They’ve all sat on my side of the desk, and have enjoyed great personal and organizational success. I found them to be indispensable.”



“We’ve been working with Jim and C-Suite Advisors for 10 years and know him as a leader, a phenomenal c-suite business facilitator, a professional, and friend. Most importantly, he works by means of impeccable honor and genuineness. A true gift over the years, Jim is aligned with our core values and served us by planning and implementing our visions. His talents are broad and he’s facilitated many important projects, such as our reorg, key employee stock offering, and succession planning. Mr. Cascino is a hero of ours.”



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